Odor Management Odor Tracking

Odor Tracking

Odor tracking, one of the key elements of the odor control system,
must be supported by software technology.

The sensor not only displays the concentration of odorous substances but also builds a formula based on values of odor modeling, direct sensation, complex odor, and odor type, which are displayed through vast big data.
The data of the wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, etc. measured by the meteorological device and the odor sensor form odor modeling through the measured values. Odor modeling shows the distribution of odor through a satellite map, so one can identify odorous areas at a glance.
It often represents the types of smells that a person feels and expresses in the sense of smell. There are many mixed odorous substances in the atmosphere, and there are various types of odor. The odor monitoring system presents the type of odor by calculating the data value measured by the sensor without having a person to directly smell.
Complex odors in the presence of various odorous substances are expressed in numerical values, indicating how bad the odor is. These figures determine the odor intensity and judge whether the odorous emission area and the prevention facilities need to be managed.


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