Engineering Cause of Odor Investigation

Cause of Odor Investigation

The cause of the problem must be identified in order to solve the problem.

In order to prevent the odor of chronic odor discharge facilities, proper engineering technology is required for prevention facilities and other equipment. First, we need to identify the cause of the foul odor. After deducing the solution, we start consulting on designing and implementing preventive facilities.

Sample Collection

We identify the tendency of the odor coming into the odor elimination facility, check the odor removal efficiency of each preventive facility, and proceed with the sample collection. The samples are collected at the workplace by coordinating the time and frequency of odor occurrence.

Sensory Evaluation

The sensory evaluation is carried out with the collected samples. Sensory evaluation is a method of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the type and intensity of odor by taking the smell directly using the sense of smell since the intensity of the odor felt by each person is different.

Instrumental analysis

By using the analyzer, the actual substance and concentration of each collected sample are obtained, the threshold value is calculated using the concentration and the minimum detection value, and the contribution rate of the collected air is calculated.

Odor Process Test Method (Instrumental Analysis)
Analysis component Sample Collection Pretreatment Detector
Sulfides Vinyl (Plastic) Bag Low Temperature Concentration GC/FPD
Ammonia Boric Acid Absorption Method - UV
Amines Sulfuric Acid absorption method Alkaline Decomposition Low Temperature Concentration GC/MSD
Volatile Organic Compounds Adsorption Traps Low Temperature Concentration GC/MS
Low Fatty Acid Alkali Absorption Method Hydrolysis of Hydrochloric Acid GC/MSD
Aldehydes DNPH Cartridge Acetonitrile Solvent Extraction HPLC


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